Thursday, November 9, 2017

Milkweed and Poetry

The seasons are changing with their usual regularity. I have been collecting milkweed pods from the ditches for winter crafting. One day there was a bit of snow that looked especially beautiful on them.

I am teaching poetry to W and her friend A. this year. Here are a few of their poems. First A's Haikus about nature.

Crouched in crisp dead leaves
Round and lumpy, hard orange shell.
Frost's cold fingers grasp.

The Moon
Cold, white light
Paints skeletal trees.
Moon stares down.

Miles of color.
Bridge across the sky.

And W's about night.

Running from the monsters coming,
Hoping I can get away.
I can hear their voices thrumming,
Start leading them astray

Teeth shimmering in the moon
Dark eyes follow every move,
Hoping to escape my doom,
Things that stalk the heavy gloom.

Running, still, to get away,
Speeding through dark streets,
To see the light of day, I pray,
I wake all tangled in my sheets.


Bean harvest is done, with only a few delays and problems. We had some white mold this year because of weather conditions. One harvest day we were able to help fulfill a bucket-list wish for a friend's 80-year-old mother who wanted to help with a real farm harvest.

Another day, I picked up Mom and Dad to drive out and see their land being harvested by their third and fourth generation farmers.
 Me, Mom, J, Dad, Sam

The folks and I drove home past the farm my dad grew up at, located about 1 1/2 miles from where I grew up.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cardboard Fall Leaves

I developed a new fall art project for my co-op classes. The first week we designed large leaves on cardboard and drew a "fall" word on them. Then I took them home and cut them out (kitchen shears work well on thinner cardboard) and used a masking agent on the letters. The second week, the kids painted their leaves with acrylic paint.

I find pizza boxes are a nice weight of cardboard for crafting. I made a maple leaf, and then it was so fun I had to make a few more "samples".

After painting them, we let them dry and rubbed off the masking agent to reveal the cardboard color for letters.

 Finished pieces were fabulous!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Art Class

This year I am teaching two classes in our home school co-op: 3/4th and 5th-7th. So far I have done the same lessons for both classes. The kids are a delight, and I enjoy sharing my love of art with them.
This project on optical illusion was paired with another lesson on basic drawing tricks of optical illusions. I found this lesson on-line, but have done it before in my classes. Here is the blog link.

The first day of class, we made name tags to set at their places. This helps me to learn names. This idea was also found on-line. The process is to write out the letters of the name in capitals that touch the top and bottom of the page edges. This forms negative space between letters.We copied over the letters in black marker. Black crayon or oil pastel would work too. Then we talked about patterns and drew a few on the board. Each negative space was to be filled in with a different pattern using color crayons.

The final step was to paint each negative space with watercolor. We talked about pattern, line, resist, negative space, transparent-vs-opaque.
I loved how these turned out. A good successful project for all.

One week I was gone and my assistant teacher taught this lesson, again touching on making things look 3-D on a flat surface. We did not get any photos, but these two were from the "tutorial" I sent her. I've done this one before, too. the links are here and here