Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Homemade Christmas

For girlfriend Christmas gifts, W. made jointed  cardboard animals from a book we got in St. Louis, She also made scented soap with little toys embedded in them.
L. made framed descriptive words for each of her girlfriends. We used thrifted tiny frames and old dictionaries. She decided on a word that fit each friend and cut it out of an old dictionary. We dabbed Modge Podge in a line around the word and draped a piece of colored thread in it to highlight the chosen word and appropriate meaning. Trim to size and insert in a fun frame.

Monday, December 30, 2013

G. Christmas

 All the cute kids: Noel (Son D. and Cousin Jessica)
 Wesley and Hobbes
 Natalia and Ariel
 Olive and Barbie
 Owen and W.
Piper and Cookie Monster
 M. and Mac
 Bret and L.
 Anna and Duck Grandpa
 Dad and daughter in new shirts.
 Cookie tree decorating.
 Head massages.
 Trip to Zambia with Jesse.
 Santa girl.
Brothers and sisters and Mom and Dad.

Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Church Christmas Program

Teacher Brenda, Owen and Iverson. Little cute class.
W. and Brim. Middle class.
Special music. M, L, A and Brittney.
Special music. Pastor Bill and Bekah.
Darling shepherds and angels.
Traditional nativity. Grace, W. Owen, (Gus), Gate, Iversyn, Rhig, L., Brim, Landon, Gus 

Another Craft Day

Tessie and W.-What a pair!
Last Friday we had our 3rd or 4th (?) annual mother daughter craft day here. Each mom brings a craft and supplies and sets up a station. The girls (we do 5th grade through high school, and any recent graduates) go from station to station making Christmas crafts that can be used for gifting. This year we had a record 11 stations around our kitchen, dining room, front room and porch!


After the big girls are done, any smaller kids who are around and/or moms do a few crafts too. (Elizabeth)

A favorite station: soap making. (Tessie, Abbie, Tess, Eleanor)

Some of our favorite graduates dropped by too! (Isa, L., Sarah, Rachel and Cassie)
The main core of crafting girls. (Susannah, Maria, Ann, Nicole, M., Cecelia, Hope)
Moms enjoy some crafting time together too! (Lisa and Caitilin)