Sunday, December 1, 2013

Snowy Flickering Snow Globes

This is a empty jar project I have been working on for Christmas crafting. I used paint markers (medium and fine tip) to copy figures I had sketched or printed out. First I cleaned the outside of the jar by wiping it down with alcohol and letting it dry. I positioned my guide picture inside the jar and held/taped them in place while copying on the outside of the jar with the white pens. You could freehand a design too. My first idea was a silhouette snow scene with trees, a house and a deer. Then, when dotting on "snowflakes", I decided that a snowflake jar might be fun too.
I plan to try these with my little art class to use as gifts or nightlights. Children's freehand designs could be  a charming look.
I finished the lid bottom with felt rounds glued inside and outside, and lace or ribbon glued around the edge. I used fabric stiffener to firm up the lace before gluing it on. These jars could be filled with goodies, leaving room for the fake votive to be packed in the top or bottom. After the goodies are gone, the jar could be turned over and used as a nightlight/votive.  Linked up at

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