Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Panama People, Nature and Places

We were treated to a show of native dancers and artists one night after supper.

This interesting bird reminded me of our water walker bugs. His feet were spread so he could walk across the tops of water plants.

Bamboo lined the drive to our resort. Such a neat plant.

We loved these palms that were near the pool. 
Grain cargo is the most important dry cargo through the Panama Canal.
It accounts for 16% of Canal cargo.


Some photos by USSEC.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Panama Canal Rain Forest

We took a tram ride for a good look at the rain forest and a bird's eye view of the Panama Canal.
 The plants were lush and interesting. The red behind our guide is poinsettias growing wild.

Our resort/meeting place was located about half way up the canal. These two pictures are looking each way toward opposite oceans.

 At the top we climbed a seven story tower for the best view.
 This appendage is an ant "hill" attached to a tree.
 This was the main lodge of our resort with a wing off of each side.
We saw a sloth, macaws and a monkey on the way down.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Panama is about a five hour flight from the states. You can see the ships lined up waiting their turn for the Canal when you fly into Panama City. We were there for soybean shipping/marketing meetings.
 Panama City is very modern and primitive, in turns. The curved building is a Trump Towers.
 Their electrical in town would never pass inspection.

We had a 45 min. drive to the Gamboa Resort. This was a one lane bridge next to a railroad just before we got to the resort. The original bridge was built in 1855. The water on the left is the Canal.
 These capybaras grazed daily below our room.
 We saw these iridescent green hummingbirds every day outside our balcony.
 We greeted these guys daily above our motel walkway on the way to the lobby and meals.
The pool was lovely, but closed at 6 every day. It got velvety dark about 7. We learned you could sign a waiver and swim after dark if you were not concerned about what animals you would meet at the pool then.
Early morning view off our deck. Very pretty. Lots of birdcalls and monkey roaring. This was the dry season and it rained every day. Our room had AC, but was constantly damp and musty. Some of rooms had dehumidifiers, and people reported emptying them of gallons of water each day.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dump Supper

Look at this lusciousness. We had supper with the P's and they introduced us to dump suppers. It was really fun and delicious.
 Shannon is a master entertainer. Look at that sideboard!
 Layers of food are cooked in one large pot of water with spices and flavorings.
 The pot is drained and dumped onto the table on a plastic tablecloth covered with brown paper.
Each person has a cup of melted butter. Salt, pepper and ketchup are also offered. Napkins are the only utensils.
Baby potatoes dipped in butter, shrimp dipped in butter, fresh corn dipped in butter, beans dipped in butter, sausage and ketchup, MMm, MMm, MMm.
And for dessert, peach crisp and this chocolate confection. We went home fat and happy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bible School

Bible School is long over, and just now I am posting it. We did a three day Bible School this year for various reasons. Our beautiful and sweet older girls did the music again. What a blessing it is to have them take over and manage it. They do a great job. (L to R: Brittney, Laken, L. and M.)
Paula and Gaylin handled the opening intro to the stories. Our theme was a farm one: "Hay Day."
I already posted the clinging crosses that we made, here. A second craft was these "painted" rocks. There are lots of examples on line that are gorgeous. The kids enjoyed these and they were simple and inexpensive. I printed out several sheets of sample ideas to get them going. We used black and silver permanent markers for simplicity and contrast. They were to design one rock with at least one word on it. They could make up to three rocks, until everyone was done, and if there were leftovers they could do more. This was a very popular and successful craft. There are many Bible verses referencing rock, foundation, etc. that these can be paired with. I once saw a cute thumbprint baby Jesus that would be a great Christmas craft. I have even seen painted rock nativities. Try googling "rock crafts."