Monday, January 2, 2017

More Fall Catch Up

 Spent a fun afternoon helping our buddies move some furniture.

 Harvest in the night. Crops were better than expected.
 Celebrated 28 with L and I at her favorite place for lunch.
 Found our friends at college visit. M is planning a horticulture degree for college.

 Buddies home from college. A little extended girl time.

 Had time for some fall tillage.
Three of us went to Atcheson, KS for a senior art show. Cassandra was one of my art students, and a dear family friend from our home school group.
 First real snow prompted a Bill Watterson tribute in the driveway.

Shower for Annamarie, home school buddy of Anna's who is marrying another home school friend. So fun! The "kids" are growing up.
Buddies Anna, Sarah and Abby helped with the shower.