Friday, June 27, 2014

A Last Midsummer Dream

The two who make Shakespeare Camp happen every year: Ana and Caitilin. Such a blessing to all of us!
 A warm glow of friendship, fun and learning permeates the week. (M., Maria, Nicole)
 Cast and crew mingle! (Bret, L.)
 Bracing Arnold Palmer drinks for the hot and worn-to-the-frazzle mothers.
 Other parents and sibs show up all week to help and observe the process. (Sandy, Rebecca)
So happy together, achieving something wonderful as a group effort. (Photos from various sources.)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kitten Season

We started with 10 kittens from 2 mamas. We are down to 6. Survival of the fittest.  This is why God designed them to come in litters. They are just to the wobbly playing stage and are soooo cute.
Our other momma is a hunter. More survival of the fittest. She is a good momma, but fierce. We caught her hanging from this birdhouse. : (

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Midsummer Night Begins...

Finn and James
 Hermia and Helena-Cecelia and M.
 Royalty: L. and Madalyn
Liam, Thomas
Muscle: Bret
Mischief: Ann and Ethan
The faeries: Hope, Grace, Ann, Hannah, Danielle, Maria, Marie 
Under a spell: Grace, Thomas, Hope
Katie, Thomas
The court: Canaan, James, L. Maria, Thomas, Annie, Nicole
Chink in the wall. Cecelia, John ,Thomas
Past and present cast buddies: Cassie, Hannah, Isabel, L.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bible School Craft

Our Bible school theme was based on Heifer Project, a program that provides animals, plants and water to countries in need who invite the program into their country. Part of the program is that after the animal reproduces, the first offspring is passed on to someone else. We developed four days of lessons on "God's Gift of..People, Animals, Land (Plants) and Generosity".

On the "Land" day, we made these baked clay necklaces. I preconditioned, rolled and cut Sculpey clay into rounds. I placed three rounds for each child on cheapie paper plates. This makes a good work surface and after they label them with their names, you can bake the clay right on the plate to keep everyone's project separate. You can also paint the necklace on them.Gently loosen clay with a knife soon after baking in case they stick. Follow the clay package baking and handling directions.
During class, we had a nature walk and collected leaves, acorns, etc. and used them to press into the clay. The back of a spoon is a great way to burnish leaves onto the surface of the clay. Be sure to poke a hanging hole in the top before baking them. As a punching tool, I like to use an empty pen canister that the ink parts have been taken out of.

After baking and cooling time, we painted each round with acrylic paint and wiped it off immediately with squeezed out wet paper towels, leaving some paint in the indentations left by the nature findings. Give each student pre-moistened paper towels and have a few larger wet rags in the middle of the table for them to wipe their hands on. This reduces mess and cuts down on bathroom trips to wash hands. Be aware: acrylic paint can be washed out of clothes when it is wet, but it will set when it dries.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Husband is home from a week in Japan, where he spoke for the American Soybean Association in meetings for feed millers, hog feeders and foreign buyers. He brought me some beautiful things! The tin is full of individual packets of powdered green tea.
Other little goodies came home for the kids. I will add some pictures of his trip when we can get through them.

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Rain

Despite rain, hail, wind and area tornadoes, Shakespeare camp number 6 is under way. The first day had to be held in a church basement due to storms, but the afternoons since then have been clear enough for work in the band shell at the park.
These pictures are by Friend Ana who helps make Shakespeare Camp happen each year with director/mom, Friend Caitilin. Ana's Tessie, who is a talented young artist, designed the t-shirt this year. More pictures on Ana's blog, here. This year is A Midsummer Night's Dream.
 Practice makes perfect.
 Photo bombs and dear friends.

Six days of 6 or so hours a day and at the end a complete production of a Shakespeare play by a bunch of happy kids. Amazing.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This and That

Husband with friend and fellow farmer Les S. from CA. We do some custom farming for Les. Les was home for the funeral of his classmate and our dear friend and relative Bob S.
Mom and Dad at a ceremony honoring veterans who live in their senior living community.
Cousin Piper and W. get a ride on Grandpa's mower. He mows the grounds at their retirement center and loves it!

The cousins out together having fun! (Above 2 pix by Sister Lissa.)
A little bird on our porch. We had to look him up and found out he is a Yellowthroat Warbler. Pretty thing.