Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bible School

We squeezed in Bible School last week, between Drama Camp (Musical!) and then Shakespeare Camp and swim lessons this week. Oh, and there was a wedding in the two days between!
 This was my little class-1st-3rd graders. We made these "find it" jars one day.
Fill clear jars with do-dads and beads and glitter. We also made a series of shrinky dink animals that fit into our theme and after baking them, added them to the mix in the bottle. We added a little Karo syrup (to make things stay suspended in the water better) and sealed the top.Then the kids could play I Spy.

Here is our little group this year. We had a few less than usual. Two of the kids in our younger classes had dads who these teachers taught in years past. Oy vey! Below is the oldest class with our two big girls who were music leaders for a few days.

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