Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graduation Laura

 We held Laura's graduation/baccalaureate ceremony with 3 other kids from our home school co-op.

Jacob W., L, Samuel F., and Matthew J.
Grandma and Grandpa G. 
Christopher, Bret, L., Austin, Caitilin
 We had an open house at a later date at our place.
Shakespeare has been a big part of her school life. 
Ann, Bill, Jo, Ron, Chris, Betty, Gaylin, David, Dave, Chad, Karen
 Bekah, Ivy
Anna, Abby, Nate, LeeAnna, Sarah, Les
Maren, Del, Stewart, Lorna, Al, Bekah, Roz
Left: Lisa, Margie, Ann, Linda Right: Janel, Ed, Lee, Jon, Larry
Les, Jim, Paula, Aldon, Brittney, Alex, Lyndsay
Caitilin, Ana, Margie, Teresa, Sandy and Rebekah
Mike, Curt, Dorian, Geoff, John, Blair
Gus, Nicholas, Harris, Jesse, Lissa

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