Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anniversary Needlework

I recently worked up an embroidered picture based on friend Ana and Geoff's 25th anniversary announcement. It was all "hush hush" so it could be a surprise. Now that they have seen it, I can post it. The first picture is from when I was working on it. I put a paper towel on top while working it up. Then you tear it open to work. The edges and portions you are not working on can be kept covered so it stays clean. The bottom picture is the finished, framed project. You can see Friend Ana's post at

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Felt Gifts

M. and W. have been stitching gifts for some of their friends. W. made a shoulder bag to "wrap" her gift of two books for her friend A.B. We found the basic pattern in this Felt Friends book that I bought recently. We made the medium bag and added some interchangeable do-dads. The little bugs, bows, etc. can be removed and switched around on the bag. They are attached with hook and loop tapes. This was W's own idea. She did all the stitching on the handles and the bunny and tied the sides. It was a fun project! M. is finishing up her gift but has not given it yet, so we will have to wait to post it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

# 1 Daughter Open House

(l to r) Cousins Aldon, Spencer, L., Husband, M., W., Brother D.
# 1 Daughter, Cousin Andrea, D., Gram S., Al, Husband
A, M., Daughter Mac, (D), Husband

Daughter A. had a nice open house at her new apartment yesterday. About 30 folks showed up to check out her new space.

Cutting Brownies

We baked a few pans of goodies on Friday for A.'s new apartment open house on Sat. We like to make a double batch of brownies and put them into a jelly roll pan for bars. Seem like they always goop up and tear when we cut them. Mother-in-law taught me to use a plastic knife for cutting brownies, and to do it when they are still warm. Then they cut beautifully. No tearing edges with the knife! This I needed to know!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Swim Lessons

M and W have swim lessons this week and next. We have not done swim lessons for a couple of years, so we needed to again. They are enjoying them a lot. We have been using homemade drops to guard against swimmers ear. We like to take this along on vacations too-seems someone always gets sore ears if we do not use it. Here is the recipe:

Swimmer's Ear Drops

rubbing alcohol

Mix equal parts in a small clean jar and put a few drops in each ear after swimming. Drain. The alcohol will sterilize and dry the ear canal and the vinegar will kill bacteria. This is a good preventative. Do not use if the ear is already infected.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ladies Out

Several of my home school mom friends got together this week for supper. We celebrated Friend Caitilin's birthday. We went to a lovely little European resturant that really did make you feel transported to Germany or somewhere near there. The last picture was of most of us who went. (Ana, Caitilin, Sandy, Me, Nancy, missing Janel)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cats and Birds...And Night Lights!

Fireflies and Lightning


I think this will be our official 30 year portrait. By Husband's brother Brian.

Tile Plow

The recent farming learning curve has been the new tile plow. It has taken many hours of research, shopping, learning the technology, permitting and phone time to get the plow ready to go. This week they had to dig in our pasture to calibrate it. Yesterday Husband was gone all day in the 90 plus, humity-laden weather managing their yearly Soybean Board golf fundraiser.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fruit and Nuts

The peaches are starting! I like to have fruit and nuts for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Walnuts with apples or peaches, or almonds with strawberries or peaches. Blending the sugars and carbs of the fruit with the protien of the nuts gives you a boost without the blood sugar drop later. When we were kids, Mom would cut up fresh fruit and sprinkle sugar over it. After it sat a bit, a lovely syrup would form. When I was a young mother, and trying hard to do the "right thing" for my kids, I did not think it was "right" to add sugar to fruit. They should learn to eat it without! Now I have loosened up a bit, and think a few tablespoons of sugar will make the fruit more of a dessert/snack substitute in our everyday diet. Yum! (Amount of sugar in this picture is enhanced for photography!) Try out your own fruit/nut combinations for a great healthy snack, dessert or salad.

Beautiful Musical Evening

Thursday we went and had supper on the patio of a local resturant. Niece Kris was singing with her band. A bunch of Husband's family showed up, and the band teased Kris that she had the most groupies. We readily admit we are her groupies. Great talent! It was such a beautiful night, and a special family evening.

Mother and Al and Husband's siblings/spouses, with Kris, Chad and Nathan.

Nephew Nathan and niece Ali.

Part of the ambiance was the water feature on the patio.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Crafts

M. recieved a couple of neat crafted gifts for her birthday. (above) This little green puppy was crafted by Sister W.

Our young friend Jim Bob (not quite his real name) made this attractive and brilliant bracelet out of duct tape.The second picture shows his self-latching design. Everyone marvels at his jewelry designs. He is always fashioning swords and knives and masculine things, but he is also creative and adept at fashioning everday materials into clever and attractive jewelry. Daughter L. owns the Jim Bob necklace below. She loves it and wears it often.


Nature shots at the Palisades. The woodpeckers were relentless and precise in attacking this small tree. I had never seen anything like it before. I'm not sure if the square ledge is natural or man-made, but it's cool anyway.


Today's Postcard From God: exceptional everyday beauty captured
Tenacity-perseverance through tough circumstances can make you beautiful and may even inspire others

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Birthday Fun

Sunday afternoon we went to the Palisades for a micro vacation.

Rock climbing with our H. friends.

The dads went up too.

Hot dog roasting, with watermelon, chips, peanut bars, cherries, lemonade and iced tea.

A great batch of girls. M, A., L., R, S, A.

Swimming and W's puppy dog shake.

The bridge. Husband jumped from this when he was a teen. There were other idiot teens doing it Sunday too. Don't try this at home!