Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cooking for the Ice Cream Social

The Ice Cream Social is a big event in our church every year. It is an opportunity to serve, to host our community, to showcase our building and to pull together with our congregation. Everyone helps when there are only about 50 members serving homemade food to 200-250 people in 3 hours.

Potato Salad.

3 dozen eggs, 30 lbs. potatoes, onions, green onions, Hellmans for my share of potato salad. (See recipe posts for potato salad recipe.)

Homemade pies. I made 4 this year, not as many as usual, since we made a larger share of potato salad. The girls are great potato salad and pie prep persons.

Working on the rhubarb pies. We made one for the social and one for the freezer.
We also made one peach and two lemon almond. (See previous posts for lemon pie recipe. Easy and yummy!)

Off to serve!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rain Dance

More rain this week. W. dressed to go out to play in it-a dress, a bathrobe, a coat, an umbrella and green flowered flip flops!

She has been reading aloud to us every day and is getting really good! Curious George and Little Critter books are favorites.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little School on the Prairie

After touring ALL the attractions on the Ingalls Homestead (see above), we waited for the team and wagon and rode across the prairie to the schoolhouse. Each child got to drive the team, and we had a "class" with the teacher when we arrived.

"All through the long, hot weeks they went to school, and every day they liked it more. They liked reading, writing, and arithmetic. They liked spelling-down on Friday afternoons. And Laura loved recess, when the little girls rushed out into the sun and wind, picking wild flowers among the prairie grasses and playing games." On the Banks of Plum Creek-Chapt. 21

The teacher told us that students in those days had their own PC's: Personal Chalkboards.

M. was our own Laura Ingalls. She was asked to read a recitation during "class."

Ingalls Homestead Animals

The beautiful animals were fun to interact with.

Blue Flax

These are today's postcards from God as I was shuffling kids to things. They reminded me of the Blue Flax that grew in the ditch by our shorter driveway when I was growing up.

Ingalls Homestead Activities

Can you imagine putting everything you own into this and going across country?
Sweeping the soddy:
" That front wall was built of sod. Mr. Hanson had dug out his house, and then he had cut long strips of prairie sod and laid them on top of one another, to make the front wall...No cold could get through that wall." (On The Banks of Plum Creek, chapt.2)

Pumping water. A kid job on the prairie. (above)
(below) Who knew washing clothes could be so much fun?




Making ropes and grinding flour.

W., M. and Emily make corn cob dolls.

Twisted hay to burn. (The Long Winter)