Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This and That

 When I was at my Mom and Dad's, they had these pictures on their fridge. The big one is my neice Miss O. and the inset is my sister in K. When your sister is 16 years younger than you, you remember what she looked like when she was little. Let me tell you, when I saw the larger picture of Miss O., I thought I was having a flashback to my sister's childhood.

End of the summer fun for L.-sailing with buddies Carina, Katie and Cassie. Carina is originally from CA, so she and her dad know all about sailing. They had a wonderful time. More lasting memories.

More end of the summer fun for L. She and Friend Bret got to go to a Train concert together a couple weeks ago. It was cut short by a storm, but still great fun.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Evening Ride

The girls were invited to our H. Friend's house one evening for supper and horseback riding with our A. friends who were moving soon to Oregon.


Even far apart, friendship can cast a long shadow. A lovely day of making lasting memories.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pepper Garden

The girls are getting peppers from their plants. We did not get anything else planted this year, but they have enjoyed this tiny garden. (pictures by M.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pies Cream Social

Last Sat. our church held our annual ice cream social. In the old days we had homemade ice cream. Now we buy the ice cream but still try to have all home made pies. In this day, it is getting hard to do. Our bakers are aging and the skills are not being passed on like they used to. This year I made two lemon and one strawberry. My Spare Mother also made me two peach, since I was gone the week before the social. We also made 15 lbs of potato salad. The girls love to cook and chop and slice, so that makes it pretty fast work between us.

Mother helps cut pies. Getting things organized. (Mike, George, Pastor Ron and Mitch)
It is a set tradition to eat or squirrel away your favorite bakers pie for later. (Sherry and Gaylin) Pop prep. (Husband and Nicholas)
Line 'em up!

Serving line and pie runners-(Tina) Paula, Brenda, Bonnie, (Gaylin) George, Scott, Dave, (Keith)

Guests-Pam helps carry, Karen and David
Pop/drinks servers-L. and Spencer

Cousins and such-L. Lyndsay, MacK. Heather, A., Angela
below-Holly (Bob) baby Wesley, Betty, Lyndsay and Mitchell