Monday, July 25, 2016

Paper Plate Whales

Part of the trick with managing littles in an art class is to over plan your crafts. I try to always have several small "filler " projects ready. Some kids will get done quickly, and they can learn to do more work on their craft or learn to wait a little, but sometimes EVERYONE gets done quickly, and that is when the filler project can save your day. 

This darling paper plate whale was a great time filler. I found the pattern at I pre-cut and folded them, the kids colored them and we helped glue on eyes at the end .

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Minneapolis Break

Husband had Soybean meetings for a couple of days in Minneapolis, so I went along. Moon over Minneapolis as we drove up the first day.
One evening after a supper meeting, we walked back to our hotel. These great sculptures were in a park by the Convention Center. The armature was covered by recycled pop and water bottles and other recyclables.

 One night the meeting and supper was at the Mill City Museum. It was a lovely venue.

The river was very high and the view was beautiful.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rainbow Melted Colors

The older Bible School kids made these popular crayon drip canvases on the day we had the rainbow theme.
When I do this in groups, I let the kids arrange their colors to their heart's content. When they have them all set, we run a strip of painter's tape across them to hold them in order. Then we carry the canvas and colors to the hot glue station (manned by adult) and flip the colors off to the side. (See below.)
The glue-er quickly squirts on a good amount of glue and then we quickly flip the row of colors back and push it into place on the hot glue. After a second, tap each color quickly to see if they are stuck on well. Hold colors down while gently removing tape. Re-glue loose colors. Done!
I try to have several glue guns going. Some work better than others. I recommend a test run with each gun before you start with a group. Some glue does not stick as well as others.
I've learned that the melting process also takes multiple blow dryers. Again, some work better than others. Better to have too many than not enough, Sometimes, the blow dryers overheat and turn themselves off. Good to have back-up! The melted wax is going to splatter, so choose your melting location well. I like to drape the areas we use with plastic dollar store tablecloths to reduce the amount of waxy scraping and scrubbing needed for clean up. Be aware that the table cloths can melt too if the blow dryer hits them too hard. We just poke an out-of-the way hole through the plastic and run the plug in cord through for easy access. We have not had much trouble with wax on clothes, but you might want to  assess the age and ability of your students before allowing them to do the melting.
I am surprised with how much creativity can be used in the placement and choice of colors, and even in how much melting is the right amount. The results are always great, and the kids always love this craft.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rainbow Flutter

Noah's Ark theme at Bible School demands a rainbow craft. We made these simple rainbow flutters with the younger kids.

You will need:
     ribbon-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
     rings-I found these in the jewelry and craft area of Hobby Lobby
I pre-cut all the ribbons since the kids were too young to do it. You need double the length of the finished flutters, I used 48". We had a bunch of helpers sit at stations, each with one color of ribbon. The kids lined up and took their ring to each station in "rainbow order" and the helpers tied the ribbons on.

We simply looped them in half and pulled the ends through to secure each ribbon. They could also be tied twice. We used the very narrow ribbons, but wider ones would work too. The kids enjoyed carrying their flutters around and waving them while running. This was a quick craft, so we did another painting project after everyone was finished.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Much Ado About Nothing-7th Annual Shakespeare Camp

 Another successful year of Shakespeare Camp! Again, the poster/t-shirt art is designed by one of the students.

 Again, Caitilin and Ana pull it off with panache.
 Again, old friends hang out during down time.

 Again, the last day of practice is finalized with a sustaining group meal before the performance.
 Again, beloved alumni drop by for support.
Again, lipstick marks must be applied.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shakespeare Camp, Much Ado, M. Version

Nicole, Cecelia, Maria, Ann, M., Tessie, James

 Tess, M., Abbie

 Cecelia, Maria, Nicole, M, Susannah
 Thomas and Friends
 Olivia, M

Luke, M

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Shakespeare Camp, W's Second Year, Much Ado...

 (From W, and clockwise)Tess S., Eleanor K., Gemma S.,Olivia V., Julia B., Abbie B.

 Elea, W, Sam

 Sojourn, W

 W, Blaine, Tessie, Ian, Henry