Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Shell Crosses

We made sea shell crosses for our Noah's Ark/sea themed Bible school this year.

You need: Glue (I like Alene's clear Tacky Glue)
     Cross shapes-I bought some at Hobby Lobby, or you could cut some out of heavy cardboard
     shells-found shells, or craft shells (Hobby Lobby)
     Hangers-I made my own
When working with large groups, I put plastic lids or paper plates in the center of the table and squeeze some glue in a puddle on each one. Place some Q-tips on each plate so kids can smear glue onto the cross before placing their shells on top.

I wanted these crosses to be able to hang, but when I l went to buy hangers, I thought they were too expensive. I decided to make my own out of duct tape.
 Fold a strip of tape onto itself, leaving a sticky "tail."

Fold the un-sticky top in half vertically and snip a curve. 
 Stick to back of craft and hang.

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