Sunday, July 10, 2016

Water Bottle Fish

 Bible School had an ocean theme this year. We made my version of a water bottle fish.
I used the thinnest, cheapest water bottle I could find. These were from Wal Mart. The original directions I read said to twist the bottle at the narrow part, but I found that pinching/crushing that area was more effective. Use a chop stick or skewer to push out from the inside any areas that are crushed too much.
For smaller kids, cut up squares of various colored tissue paper can be pushed into the mouth of the bottle to color the fish. Older kids can spread Modge Podge (or thinned glue) onto the outside of the bottle and then place cut or torn tissue paper on it to color their fish. When done, spread more Modge Podge on top to seal. Let dry overnight.

I wanted to add a fin and found that duct tape worked well for this.  We glued on googly eyes and twisted on the lid to finish. These were cute, simple and inexpensive.

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