Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding Rehersal

Let's jump back and post some more pictures from our last wedding. We helped decorate the reception hall the day before the wedding.

 Rehearsal went well.

 Rehearsal supper was at J's house. He moved to a family acreage near us last winter.

 Storm clouds to the north.

 On the menu: pork chops, cheesy potatoes, watermelon and salads.
 Old friends (and groomsmen) from home school years. Jennifer and Daniel, Kevin.
 A table of our girls and Grandma.
Watching the weather.

Random Phone Shots

 Almost all of us at J and S's wedding rehearsal supper.
An afternoon visiting with out-of-town cousins. A. brought her slack line to play on. l to r: M. Megan, Cade, Justin, Darren, L., W., Bret, Brian

 Cade, Cohen, A.
 Cousin time
 Quick crafts during Shakespeare Camp week.
 Post-Shakespeare camp recovery trip to Wild Water West with the family.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Storm Cracking

I like how you can see the fireflies in some of these pictures.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pet Damselfly

We were at the lake today and we had a pet damselfly. We were floating on 'Sup boards and the damselflies flew along and landed on us. It was great. I love dragonflies and damselflies. You can tell this guy is a damselfly because his eyes stick out from his head, his thorax (chest) is almost as narrow as his body and his wings, when resting, are not flat.

I was glad he was so "tame" that I could take lots of pictures. I only had my phone, but they turned out pretty well. I love that blue.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shakespeare Camp Year 7

M. designed the "words in the book" logo this year.
Resting with alumni assistant Austin, after the final Sat. practice, and before the Sat. evening performance.
 "In house" hair and makeup.
 M. was Jacquenetta, a wench of dubious morals. These two boys shared the role of one of her boyfriends, so she needed to apply lipstick marks to their faces.

 Costumes and stage makeup for this first year actor.
 One kiss was enough.

 Old friends play well off of each other.
 Young ladies in waiting perform for the first time.
Jacquenetta, her friend and the priest.