Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Panama is about a five hour flight from the states. You can see the ships lined up waiting their turn for the Canal when you fly into Panama City. We were there for soybean shipping/marketing meetings.
 Panama City is very modern and primitive, in turns. The curved building is a Trump Towers.
 Their electrical in town would never pass inspection.

We had a 45 min. drive to the Gamboa Resort. This was a one lane bridge next to a railroad just before we got to the resort. The original bridge was built in 1855. The water on the left is the Canal.
 These capybaras grazed daily below our room.
 We saw these iridescent green hummingbirds every day outside our balcony.
 We greeted these guys daily above our motel walkway on the way to the lobby and meals.
The pool was lovely, but closed at 6 every day. It got velvety dark about 7. We learned you could sign a waiver and swim after dark if you were not concerned about what animals you would meet at the pool then.
Early morning view off our deck. Very pretty. Lots of birdcalls and monkey roaring. This was the dry season and it rained every day. Our room had AC, but was constantly damp and musty. Some of rooms had dehumidifiers, and people reported emptying them of gallons of water each day.

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