Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Milkweed Pod Angel Ornaments

I was trying to think of a new milkweed pod craft. Ever since making past milkweed pod ornaments, (here and here) I have tried to think of another craft to make with the pods. This year, I finally got a new idea: milkweed pod angels! I have enjoyed making the clothes peg dolls, and realized that with some pod wings they could be angels.

For this craft you will need: traditional clothes pegs, milkweed pods, tulle and lace scraps, ribbon scraps, glue, glitter, permanent markers and buttons. I like to use permanent markers to design the doll features, but some of the pegs will bleed the colors. A light, quick coat of Modge Podge on the pegs will seal them and eliminate the bleeding. We like to pre-treat the pegs and "stand" them around the rims of tea mugs to dry.

I found that hot glue was the best way to affix the wings, and trimming the edges of the wings with scissors could make them fit behind your peg doll better.
Before gluing the wings onto your angel, you can paint the pods with glue or Modge Podge and add glitter, or leave them natural.
 Decorate your peg doll and hot glue the wings to the back. Add a hanger or place in peg doll stands.
These last four angels were made at our annual mother daughter craft day by some of the girls.
Add a button or twisted piper cleaner (or other) to the head for a halo.

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