Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Homemade Gifts

I made a long lap blanket for M-I-L. Single crochet pattern here, but I made it longer and narrower in the Homespun color Oceania. (eight skeins, Size Q hook, using two strands of yarn, chain 80-90 then single crochet rows until you run out of yarn)

Daughter M. makes personalized gift ornaments each Christmas. This year she made these beautiful stars for each of us. Last year, she made these white bulb shaped ornaments with personalized themes. Mine is the blue one with the special edging.

We had a blue and silver decorated tree again this year, and we needed a few more blue ornaments, so I made a few quick clay cut-out ornament to fill in.

I also made these earrings from gift cards. With a small scissors, I just snipped carefully around the design I preferred, lightly sanded the edges to smooth, "drilled" a tiny hole with the tip of the X-Acto knife blade and added earring findings. It can help to have two of each card if you want your earrings to match exactly.

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