Sunday, June 3, 2012


Last weekend we attended my cousin Mark's wedding. He is 57 and it is his first marriage. The church was full and we all enjoyed being there. It was fun to see lots of family. Husband and I got to go out for supper afterwards with my cousin Dawn and her husband. (below)

I made this beautifully colored, extremely soft and squishy throw blanket as a gift for the newlyweds. I looked up quick crocheted blankets and found this great recipe. (My poor muddled brain keeps saying recipe instead of pattern.) Basically, it is this:

Quick and Simple Afghan
Finished size approx. 45" x 70"

You need:
*8 skeins Lion Brand Homespun yarn-I used 4 skeins each of #368 Montana Sky and #302 Colonial *This blanket uses two strands of yarn at a time while making it, so I used one strand of each color paired throughout
*Jumbo plastic crochet hook, about 15.75mm

*Use two strands of yarn to crochet this blanket.*
Ch 75
Row 1: sc in each chain to end. Turn.
Repeat for the next 60 rows or until it is the size you want. Finish by running a color coordinated ribbon through every other stitch near each end and secure.

It said it would take about 6 hours for one blanket, but I think that means only if you don't cook any meals, do any wash or clean house.

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