Thursday, December 20, 2012

Milkweed Pod Baby Jesus Ornaments

 This is my version of the Baby Jesus milkweed pod ornaments. Below is a picture of what I used.
The angel cloud is what we used to call angel's hair that was made from spun glass. The bag was 50% off at Hobby Lobby and will last for years. Instead of regular glue, hot glue gun works great too if you are not crafting with little ones.
I wanted Jesus to have a halo, so I cut shimmery pipe cleaners in half. I pushed about a third of it down into the hole of the wood bead from the top. I formed the halo shape and pushed the long end down through the bead.
Then I looped the long end and stuck it back up into the bead to form the body of the baby.Then I wrapped it with a strip of material cut from an old shirt or sweater and glued it. I glued the angel hair into the pod, then glued the baby in. Attach a hanger and other embellishments.

I thought a star would be nice to add, and after looking around the house and thinking a bit, I tried a couple of different things. I painted a little watered down glue onto buttons and sprinkled them with glitter. I thought these were nice.

I also used a white chenille for another version of a star. I glued a little glitter on this too before hot gluing it on.
 I also tried a few different hangers. I glued some of the hangers to the top and some to the sides.


  1. I sure hope my girls made me one! Soooo cute!

  2. I do love them. And handy for little sweet gifts.

  3. So cute! It reminds me of the baby Jesus ornaments my youngest daughter and I made with 1/2 of an English walnut shell. Now we have the milkweed pods and are anxious to try them.