Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dump Supper

Look at this lusciousness. We had supper with the P's and they introduced us to dump suppers. It was really fun and delicious.
 Shannon is a master entertainer. Look at that sideboard!
 Layers of food are cooked in one large pot of water with spices and flavorings.
 The pot is drained and dumped onto the table on a plastic tablecloth covered with brown paper.
Each person has a cup of melted butter. Salt, pepper and ketchup are also offered. Napkins are the only utensils.
Baby potatoes dipped in butter, shrimp dipped in butter, fresh corn dipped in butter, beans dipped in butter, sausage and ketchup, MMm, MMm, MMm.
And for dessert, peach crisp and this chocolate confection. We went home fat and happy.

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