Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crafty Girlfriend Weekend!!!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Friend Brenda and I had a crafting weekend get-away. We loaded up ourselves and our stuff and drove about an hour away to a craft retreat center. There were 14 women there for two nights and three days. The others were all working on scrapbooking, but Brenda and I did our own thing. She made stamped Christmas cards.
I spent the weekend cutting up old t-shirts into strips to make t-shirt yarn. I have been making crocheted rugs out of them. The green one above is for Daughter W.'s room. The grey and aqua and white one below is for Daughter L.'s room. They are completely customizable for color and size, and they feel so great on your feet! I have been using single crochet to do these, so they are easy and quick, although it takes a little muscle and perhaps a table to lay the larger ones on. After they get bigger, it is hard to manipulate them, so they are not as much of a "carry along" project. I found that when the grey one got unwieldy, if I put it on a table, I could work a row or two as I went by during the day.
We also read, napped, snacked, ate and talked. It was great!! Each person was responsible for helping with one meal. There were four on a team for each meal, and the food was great. Everyone brought snacks and goodies to share. Breakfasts were on our own, and you were completely free to stay up, go to bed, get up or stay in bed whenever you chose.

A red and blue rug is for a girlfriend who is teaching a home ec/sewing class to our M. and some friends this year. The red/blue and green rugs are approximately 28" x 38". That size used about 13-14 adult sized t-shirts. I find the t-shirts at thrift stores (Bag sales help me get them for 25 cents each sometimes! But $1 each is a pretty good price.) I am also starting to beg my friends for their old, unused shirts. I can donate any that I can't use.

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