Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ball Chain Button Bracelets

These fun ball chain bracelets are what L. made for her girlfriends for Christmas. She made about a dozen of them.

There are several tutorials on the web, but this is the one we worked off of: changed the "clasp" from a nut to a button. This made them more decorative and each one more unique. We love old buttons!

To make them you will need:
44 " of 1.5 mm thin leather cord (ours was a bit heavier)
12" brass ball or crystal chain
58" waxed linen cord, or similar (we used 6 strand embroidery floss or beading/braiding cords from Wal Mart-thin hemp works, too)
a button and scissors

Fold leather cord in 1/2 and make a loop that will pass over the button of your choice. Run the smaller colored cord end up along loop and wrap at the base of the loop two or three times. Take the longer end of the colored cord and begin wrapping over the looped end, catching the ball chain as you wrap down the leather cord. When you get to the length you want for the bracelet, snip the ball chain if necessary and tie your button onto the end with the colored cord, wrapping tightly around the end of the leather cord. Tie the ends of the leather in an overhand knot or square knot, pull tight and trim.


  1. It's FCNJ Washington. I always love your fun ideas. You keep me inspired! Love you muchly,
    FCNJ Washington

  2. OOOOOO-thank you! Comments are THE BEST! Especially from FCNJ! Love you!!!