Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter Lights Craft

My little class finally got to make this Winter Lights craft that I had planned to do before Christmas. Luckily January is still snowy and cold, so we made them when classes started up again. We used old, washed, glass jars and lids, white permanent paint pens, rubbing alcohol, glue, battery votive lights and optional felt and ribbons. Use the rubbing alcohol to wipe down the outside of the jar so paint pen will stick. Decide on your design. We tried  silhouette and snowflake designs. I printed out snowflake designs from the internet and we positioned them inside the jars to copy over with the white pens. We cut felt circles to fit inside and outside the jar lids as needed to cover advertising. Ribbons or stiffened lace can be glued around edge of lids to decorate even more.  
Above: my example jars
We had to take our finished jars into the bathroom to see them with the lights out and the votives glowing. The kids made their jars with the lids on top. We had to take one picture with the kids and jars in the bathroom mirror.

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