Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Laura and I had a girls date night and movie with friends Hannah and Nancy. Good fun!
We visited the hospital to greet new great niece/cousin Madeline Ruth. Brother Wesley looks all grown up now!

Had a birthday lunch with sister Lissa, Dad and Mom and Uncle Mark. Lis, Dad and I have Feb/March birthdays. We stopped by Lissa's church remodel project that she is managing.
Brother Marshall and Piper were down for the birthdays too. Daughter Anna, S-I-L Dena and I also went for massages and brunch. We have tried to plan this for a long time and it finally came together over my birthday. Extra fun!
Visited Grandma and Grandpa G. while they played dominoes at the home. Uh oh! Daughter W. is almost as tall as Grandma. Last one of ours to reach this milestone.

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