Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hearts and Bees

This week our class tasted honeycomb honey and read more about bees. We also worked on a simple Mother's Day project. I made these papier mache' hearts for the kids to paint. I call it the "Words Cannot Tell You How Much I Love You, Mom" project. We used watercolor paints so the words would still show through. They looked neat when the kids were done.

 Hearts-appx. 2" across. Top down: W., Ian, Elea, mine
I used scraps from my book initial cutting. I formed paper strip pulp into hearts on a paper plate. They were baked an hour or two at 200 degrees F. to help them dry more quickly. When dry, I trimmed the paper plates close to the heart shape. This gave the hearts a nice smooth back that can be written on if desired. Older kids could make their own hearts if you planned ahead so they had time to dry. I imagine the pulp could also be packed into heart shaped molds if you needed to make a lot of them. I also though they could have a hole drilled through them for hanging or jewelry use.
To complete the project, the kids filled out this Mom worksheet on their own.

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