Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Actual Dinner and Dance

Supper is ordered from a mystery menu. Usually there is a theme and descriptions are made up for each individual item on the menu. This year's theme was "The 60's." Food, drink and utensils are described in vague, camouflaged terms and served in several courses. You make your choices from bewildering descriptions of food, so you may find you have ordered a dessert, a napkin, a salad and French fries, and so on for each course.
This year we had supper entertainment from a group of dads who played 60's music in keeping with the theme. The kids named them The 360's.
Ann (The Establishment) and Rainbow Dawn.
After supper, there are always some quirky group games to play as mixers. This year they had 6 teams that competed in elimination rounds passing a hula hoop down the line and back while holding hands. The winning team of the kids "played" against the adults at the end of the competition.

 The evening ends with a couple of hours of dancing. (L. and Charles)

 This was the first year M. was old enough to attend.
 Beautiful cherished buddies.
 Thomas and M.

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