Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chalk Pastel Cross, Glue Crown

With Easter coming, I decided my Art Girls should make these Cross and Crown projects. We pre-glued the crown part a couple of week ago so it could dry, then later worked in chalk pastels over the top of the glue. This is a neat and meaningful project that is also good for working on shading, highlighting, depth and interest. An earlier tutorial of the process is here.

Above, my sample. After choosing a color for the cross, a darker color was used to line the shaded edges, and a lighter color was used to highlight the edges facing the light source.
A color was chosen for the "aura" in the background, then a lighter and a darker color was added to give it some depth and interest. (Note difference between the top and second background.) The girls did a great job on each of theirs. (below) Our "extra" project for early finishers was a cut-and-fold dragon I found on-line. I also gave each girl a small ceramic bunny for a Spring/Easter keepsake.

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