Monday, November 16, 2015

Dragon Mask and Claws

 Cat mask base for $1 at a thrift store. Add cardboard and masking tape and hot glue.
 Cover and smooth on papier mache'.

 Speed up drying in a very low oven. (Heat to 200 degrees, turn off before putting in mask to dry.)

 Paint with acrylic craft paint..
 Scrap of blue lace. Measure and snip.
 Modge Podge.
 More Modge Podge on top.
 Dry brush gold on horns and paint in gold in side pattern spots.
 Paint tongue and fire optional.
 Claws were made with 75 cent thrift gloves with felt nails (cut in tear drop shapes) hot glued on.
 More scrap blue lace.
 Measure and cut.
Hot glue or tack with sewing.

Wings cut from blanket felt-no hemming.

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