Friday, December 11, 2015

Turkey Decorations

So. These are a little late. But they were cute, and could be used again next year. I was also thinking a reindeer weather vane-ish decoration similar to these might be fun to work up for this season. Hmmmm... I got the idea for these from a photo of a turkey-shaped antique weather vane and thought it would be a fun Thanksgiving decoration.
I like working with cardboard. It's free, easily avaliable and sturdy. I drew up a pattern and off we went. We cut two of the body shape and glued the stick between them. Clothes pins worked great to hold the two sides together while the glue dried.
 I used pizza boxes for a lot of the body pieces. The small tail piece has a tab to glue into the body. Oil pastels give vibrant colors, but are a little more "smeary" than traditional colors or markers.

The base was just a stick ($2.00 for 12 Bamboo dowel rods in the Wilton cake supplies at Wal Mart), stuck in a stack of cardboard rounds. Use thicker cardboard for these. You need the weight and skinny cardboard won't balance it as well.Glue all the the layers except the bottom one. Glue around the edges so you don't have to drill through glue. Then after drilling the center hole with a small drill bit, glue the stack onto the bottom one.
 I tested them out with my cousin J's kids. above-Selah's below-Julie's

 above-Ariston's, below-Alethia's


We had another decorating session with our B. friends.
 above and below-W. 

 above-Elizabeth, below-Abigail

It can be fun to decorate the base too.

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