Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doll Clothes-Heart 4 Hearts

Daughter M likes to sew and make things with fabric and yarn. I like to shop thrift stores. Daughter W. has a little Heart4Hearts doll that needs dressing. These factors all marry in this first doll dress project. I can find baby clothes for under $1 at the thrift store, sometimes for as little as a quarter! One day it hit me that with a little creativity and basic sewing skills, baby clothes could be remade into doll clothes. I bought this little girls skirt at a thrift store. M. cut it on the seam and we measured it around "Consuelo" and cut to size. A simple seam and the removal of the bottom ruffle made a darling dolly sundress. It also gave us practice in sewing seams and provided almost instant results. Win, win, win, win when you consider the recycling and cost aspects. We plan to sew on some ribbon straps to finish it.

This lacy little number started out as a sampler rag for crochet stitches. I was trying to teach myself some new stitches while planning a blanket wrap project. It was just a wonky square, sort of narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. I planned to pull it all out and make a regular dish rag when W. grabbed it and wrapped it around "Consuelo" and said it was a dress. Why yes! Yes it is! I added a little bodice and straps in the middle of the front and edged it along the back. I sewed up the back two thirds of the way and added three coordinating buttons and it was done. We all like it! We later wove some ribbon in the lacy areas for modesty and decorative purposes.