Wednesday, January 16, 2013

St. Nicholas Homemade

I got a little behind on my homemade Christmas gifts this year. December was spectacularly busy. I had wanted to make a little saint doll for Friend Nancy since she had shown me some on-line awhile ago. I had the little peg doll blanks for months, and finally got them painted this month. I made one for Friend Ana while I was at it. I liked how they turned out. You can tell they are both St. Nicholas, but I like how they are each a little different.

I wanted them each to have a crosier and miter. I made the crosiers from jewelry wire and then pounded them flat. I attached them with a couple of beads glued onto the side of the doll. The miter hats are just felt painted with acrylic paint. I began making them with two sides to be glued together, and halfway through decided to just use the felt for the fronts. I hot glued a small strap of elastic to the back of each hat. The hats fit great and stay on well. I really had fun making these little personalized gifts.

I wanted to add these little sketches made when planning how to make my St. Nicholas dolls. It's mostly for my art students who I try to show that it's OK to have very messy pages when working on an idea or project.


  1. I love mine!! So tiny, so amazing! My Tessie was literally amazed at all of the attention to tiny details. How can I ever thank you? My St. Nicholas will be brought of its box every advent and we will admire it every Christmas season for so many years to come.