Monday, March 25, 2013

Vectored Hearts

I'm a bit behind on posting recent art projects. This was a project I developed after seeing an art work on the web around Valentine's Day. If I can locate it again, I will credit it here.

You need:
Large square paper
Markers or colored pencils

I prepared  heart templates in a large and small size. I used newspaper for the large ones. I found that some kids did not know how to make a heart by folding a paper and cutting the half heart, so I demonstrated it in class.

After copying the two hearts on each page, students placed evenly space dots around the edge of each heart with pencils. The small heart can be centered or off-side for different results.
I showed the kids how to line up their ruler with two dots by placing their marker on one dot, sliding the ruler up to it, then moving the marker to the second dot and snugging the other end of the ruler up to the marker, without moving the ruler from the first point.

We used washable markers, which did smear a bit. Some kids liked the smearing and incorporated it into their design. Colored pencils might be a good option to eliminate this.

Some kids had trouble with the ruler lines and tended to match the dots "free style."
I did not find any "rule" for how many outside dots should connect to each inside dot. You just have to "eyeball" it. If anyone tries this and develops some tips, let me know.

The possibilities for color play, patterns and design are great with this project. It might also be fun to try this on colored paper with plain white or one colored lines.

The blue and brown one is by Daughter W.

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