Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dragonflies and Damselflies

I developed this craft for a grade school entomology class. It can be used to make beaded dragonflies or damselflies, depending on the size of beads you choose.
You need a jewelry wire about 8 inches long and assorted beads. Choose two medium sized beads for the eyes, and string one a few inches onto one end of the wire and twist. (above)
String the second medium bead on the short end next to the first bead and twist the wire to secure it.
 For the head, add a larger bead to the long end, and push it up under the eyes.
Select appropriately sized smaller beads to string under the head to form the body. Dragonflies will have declining sized beads, damselflies bodies tend to be all one width. Add enough to get to the length you desire. Cut end of wire if necessary and bend tail end up to hold beads on.
To make the wings use a full pipe cleaner and fold it in half around the body right under the head. Take each lose end and bent it back to the body. Wrap the tip to secure it to the body and form wing. Repeat with a second pipe cleaner for the second set of wings.

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