Thursday, November 7, 2013

Francis H

This week we lost a dear friend, neighbor and spiritual leader in our homeschool group. Over the years our kids have spend countless happy hours driving together to activities and in each others' homes.
Our friend died.
He was such a good man.
He was a man of faith.
He once considered seminary, but instead served his wife and family of eight children and many grandchildren.
He was the one we always asked to pray in a group setting if there was no minister around.
He served his church and community.
His mission was helping people and speaking the truth in a way they could listen to it.
He was goofy and lit up every party and room he came into.
He answered the phone like a crazy man. It always took a minute to realize that it was not a wrong number, it was just Fran.
He worked hard.
He was honest.
He knew God.
He was Godly.
He loved deeply.
He was a lawyer and judge. He would help people as righteously and honestly as he could, and they would pour out their lives and hearts and troubles to him. They would try to explain away why their lives were screwed up, and he would ask them, "How's that working for you?'
He was a second father to my younger kids.
His birthday was on the 4th of July. I guess God did that because Fran was a celebration.
He was larger-than-life.
Now he is living the Larger Life.

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