Monday, December 22, 2014

Clay Baby Jesus in Manger

We made these simple, charming baby Jesus in the manger gifts in my Friday art class last week.
I made the stars from foam sticker stars pressed together over a loop of string. Glitter optional. 
The supplies are simple and inexpensive.
Start by conditioning the clay. Make a small brown rectangle block for the manger. Press your thumb in the top to make a small indentation to lay the baby in. On top of the brown manger, add a golden yellow ball of clay that has been pressed into a flattened oval. Indent with your thumb as before. Use a toothpick to make straw line marks around the edge.
I used a very small clay cutter from the craft store to cut clay stars for my second batch.
Make a small flattened oval of white clay and place a small "head" and a tiny ball for the body on it.

 Wrap white clay around and press whole baby gently into the indentation on top of the manger bed you have made.
Earring hoop findings or jewelry wire can be used for the star holders.
Bake according to clay packaging instructions. Observe all safety instructions on clay packaging.

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