Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Craft Day

 We recently had our annual mother/daughter craft day. Each mom brings a craft and supplies and each girl goes from station to station making each craft.
 Linda's snowflake ornaments.
 Jodi's kitchen magnets.
 Katie's sequin ornaments.
 Susan's recycled magazine gift bows.
 Sandy's glove ornaments.
 My milkweed pod peg doll angels.
 Caitilin's dipped biscotti.
 Nancy/Nicole's card wreaths.
 Ana's snowflake gift tags.
Germaine's tissue paper flowers.
 Lisa's kitschy glitter dinosaur ornaments.
 Fun together.

Ana-my partner who helps me put this on each year for the girls.

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  1. I may borrow this whole post as I never did post about our day... Too many Christmas surprises!