Friday, April 10, 2015

Second FarmTour-Normandy

Our second French farm was also dairy and beef. They have 180 milk cows and 550 bulls for beef. The bulls are left as bulls and are not de-horned. Different from how we do beef cattle here.

Beautiful buildings and hedges everywhere. This hedge was the most impressive one we saw anywhere. Our lovely interpreter Nadine was with us all week. (above, in jacket)

Beautiful cattle. Nice operation.

Farmers are the same everywhere. They can talk all day. On the R is Phillipe, a farmer who escorted us several days in France. Second from R is Francois P. who farms this operation.
Lovely countryside. Fields are much smaller, and usually separated by hedges. They did not understand that our farm of about 2000 acres is not so big, until we began to tell them that it takes 6-7 hours at 70 MPH to drive across just our state.

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