Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Family Camp 2015!

 Probably the most highly anticipated three days of the whole year, every year. Family Camp!!!!!
Hi jinks and silliness-Thomas, JP, M, Hope, Tessie
 Crafts-Elea, W, Abbie
 Bean Bag tournament brackets
 24/7 friend time!
 Dads! Mr.Knigge and Husband
 Freezies-Bret and L.
 Volleyball-Nicole, Katie, M
 Sweaty hugs after volleyball.Bret, L, James
 Hot tub! Mona, L, Hope
 Corny! Sus, Husband, Maria, Ceal
Feats of strength! L, Ann, James, M.
Good eats.
Bean bag tournament.
The throw!
Worship with "angel" voices.
Group church photo.
Up for grabs.
Pool play!
Stuff the tub!
Read-aloud crafting.
Teen group shot.
Morning faces.

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