Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sweet Thirteen

 W's friends toasted her with Shirley Temple drinks at her 13th birthday party.
 The girls worked on crafting pictures to take home with them.
We played Spider Web. Each girl had a string that started out tied to a chair. The string is wound around the room and through all the other chairs in crazy spiderweb fashion.
The end of the string is tied to a chair at the end. All strings start at different chairs but end at the same spot. The stringing was done before the party, and then we secretly taped a prize under each chair for the girls to find at the end of their search. Each one gets one end to start and follows the string to the end, wrapping it as they go.

They enjoyed the game, and played with the web before the game started, pretending to be spies. The second game was a scavenger hunt around the yard and house with prizes and the birthday gifts at the end.

 After supper, the gifts were opened and ice cream cake was served.

Their canvases were dry by then.  We made the canvases with repositionable stickers and acrylic paint. The girls chose short sayings or favorite words and arranged the letters and pressed them onto the surface, then painted in their chosen colors. After painting, they flicked paint onto the canvases, then set them to dry. The peeled off the sticky letters before going home.

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