Sunday, September 9, 2012


Miss W. was 10 on Sat. We had to look up what time she was born (4:58 AM) so she knew exactly when she turned 10.

Her "big" gift was Consuelo, a Heart 4 Hearts doll. Her friend Brigitta had one, and we looked them up and found one at Target. We sneaked in and bought it. She was thrilled and surprised to get her. These dolls are a bit like the American Girl dolls, but slightly smaller. They are made by World Vision and some of the price goes to their organization. Consuelo is "from" Mexico, and her family owns a bakery and cares about the hungry street children they see around them.

Her other gifts were a shirt, (rummage) 3 books, (thrift) 2 taped books, ( a purse, (altered thrifted skirt) and bake and bend clay. (Hancock Fabrics sale.)
Later Consuelo rode along in the purse while we all spent the day at an arts festival.

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