Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arts Festival

Yesterday the girls and I went to the downtown arts festival. We always make sure to see our darling niece/neighbor Bekah in her purse booth. She looked like a cute little pregnant ladybug in her dotty dress.
This was the first year W. went along, so I had all 4 of my girls, and also saw Mac and Sam with their family members while we were there, too. W. thought since she was 10 AND it was her birthday she should be able to go. It was a beautiful day out-warm but not too warm until later in the day.
Just when we were about to be done shopping, we saw three guys walking down the street with huge snakes draped over their shoulders. One snake was a bright yellow albino boa constrictor. W. loves snakes, so we stopped to pet them. We asked if she could have a picture with them, and the guy looped the snake down over W's shoulders. Heebie Geebie! But she liked it. The yellow snake was only 1 year old and would still be growing about another 5 feet and double in girth. Heebie, Heebie, Geebie!!!!!!!

We went back to A's apartment for a drink of water before going home, and while we were there Holly and Bob and Wesley dropped by to say hi. As you can see, Wesley gets absolutely no attention.

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