Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Family Camp-Worship and Play

More volleyball tournaments with adults vs kids. Adults still won, but kids have improved greatly with Mrs. B and Mrs. G's summer volleyball program.

Bret and James

K. friends found a snake in their cabin which drew crowds of spectators the next morning.

Friend Francis lectors beautifully.

Beautiful worship-Elizabeth and Sandy.

Friend Thomas and Father R. serve.

Our traditional group picture after church.

The Anna/Anas

Spent more time on the lake this year.

More friendly competition.

Finish off the ice cream-L. and Friend Bret.

High schoolers-some had already left. Note to photogs-take these earlier next year!!!!

Middle schoolers-some had also left already


  1. So glad you took these pictures! Thanks!!

  2. You're pictures were fun to look at last night! I sent a link on to my family so they could see where we go every Labor Day weekend!

    We missed your girls at VB last night. Did they enjoy their first day of ballet?