Friday, October 12, 2012

Comforting Wrap

I finished crocheting this wrap this week, just in time for W. to wear it to the ortho doctor to x-ray her elbow. She fell off of a cement pile in our yard while she and Maren were playing. She did some elbow damage, but technically she did not break it, and all that is necessary is for her to be careful of it and re-x-ray it in a week to be sure there are no complications in healing. She is wearing L's old elbow brace for a few days to protect it.
The wrap worked great to keep her warm and comforted while we dealt with the doctor visit. We even got a couple of compliments on it! I had bought this grey wrap at a thrift store and noticed that it was really just two panels joined together. I figured I could crochet two panels and attach them. The grey wrap is about 50" long (without fringe) and each panel is about 23" wide.

I used appx. 5 skeins of cushy yarn (thrifted) in a variety of burgundy shades to work this. I used the huge crochet hook and single crochet with only one strand of yarn so it was not so heavy. I chained for appx. 90 stitches and then added one and turned and went back and forth in single crochet until I had used about 1/2  of the yarn. Then I crocheted about 1/2 way up the length and then chained the rest of the way to the end without catching the existing panel, then added one and turned and finished the second panel with single crochet. This gives you the joining of the two panels all in one shot. I did not make this wrap as large as the grey one, but it seems to be fine. It is about 50" long and each panel is about 19." Next time I would make the joint a little longer so it hung a little farther down the back when worn. I'd also like to try a lighter yarn, still with the large hook, to see if I can make one lighter and more lacy. This worked up fast and easy and would make a great gift.

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  1. Hi! I love Whitney's shawl! It was nice timing with the arm injury to have that for her.