Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Drawing

My art classes sometimes ask why they can't just draw things. So a week or so ago I brought all the Ed Emberly drawing books I could find of ours (only the Big Red and Make
A World-couldn't find the Big Purple) and all the other drawing books I have collected at rummages, used book stores, thrift shops and Amazon over the years.

To teach them Emberly's methods, I showed them how to draw a castle out of his Make a World book and then told them they had to draw two more things of their choice out of any book I had. After that,  they could draw whatever they wanted for the rest of class. They had fun. 

I like to introduce kids to Ed Emberly. They are great books to have around. Our kids always picked them up and drew amazingly detailed and/or cute things out of them. After you learn Emberly's method, nothing is out of reach. I'd say our Son J and Daughters M and W drew the most from these books. Most libraries should have them on hand to borrow. Our favorites are Make a World and The Big Purple Drawing Book.

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