Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Homemade Gifts

I saw a coin purse with beads outlining the letters of "love," and thought I'd try it. I found an image online, transferred it to some recycled clothing fabric, and beaded away. It was fun and pretty successful. This was a gift for a recent wedding we went to. I am planning another version for the next wedding.

I made this planter basket as a sympathy gift. Never buy baskets at the store, they are cheap and plentiful in most thrift shops. I usually keep a few on hand for these types of projects. I wanted to add some butterflies to symbolize resurrection. I found some butterfly fabric and cut out the individual butterflies, painted them with fabric stiffener, (follow package directions) gently shaped the wings when dry and hot glued them to thin green florist's wire. They were cheap, easy and looked good. I wonder what else I could use them for?

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