Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wedding Fun

Our G. friends had a wedding this month-their son Isaac was married to Alexis.

This is just a sampling of the pictures I took. I usually go early and take candids when we have a niece or nephew get married, then do a basic edit and get CD's made so they can look at them the next day if they want. I think it's fun to see it all again right away without waiting weeks for the "real" pictures to get done. Friend Nancy asked me to do this for their wedding, too. I enjoy the whole process.
 Friends Mary, Nancy, Catherine and Janel
The kids made an excellent showing on the dance floor. Our HS kids do ballroom dancing throughout the year, so they are all great at it and love any chance to dance together.
 M. and Friend Thomas
 Some of the moms and Annie look on.
Hannah and L.
Mark, Son J, and Husband

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