Monday, June 10, 2013

Random Latelies

 L. and her "posse." Their Ultimate Frisbee team won a tournament.
This is our garden plan this year. Seen on the internet.
Kitchen remodeling.
Going-away-to-Germany-for-a-year party for Daughter A.
Making a few more cut out book letters in a different style that I really like. I was able to use my dad's table saw and it was so much easier than the jig saw. This one was for our nephew's girlfriend.
The latest I'm-named-after-my-aunt picture. Except for the hair color, they look a lot alike!
Daughter M. finished her first knitting project, a darling wrap scarf my dear friend Karen helped her start.
Tattoo the cat is living with a friend while A. is in Germany for a year. Last week, kitty had to stay here while the friend babysat his Mom's cat.

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