Monday, July 8, 2013

MT Wedding

In which we traveled to MT to marry off my cousin Jessica to a fun
and amazing guy who can build a house or sew a quilt. Welcome to the family Ben!
Cousins Julie, Jodie, Jannell and Jessica (AKA as Bride) at
the Cousins Candy Shop in Virginia City, MT before 4th of July fireworks.
I made cut-out book initials for the bride and groom and they
used them in their decorating. Glad I gave them to them early!
 W. and second cousin Sojourn became best buddies in record time.
I helped arrange the flowers for the tables. Fun, fun, fun. Decorations were
delightful! The groom sewed the quilted centerpieces and the fabric banners.
 Jess arrived cool and collected in the rain.
 More cousins at the Cousins Candy Store. (Selah, Sojourn, Ariston, and W. My cousin Julie's kids.)
 Double rainbow during the Groom's supper.
 Uncle Vernon, Husband, Cousin Todd. Yippee for great men!
 Big Sky country made for beautiful photo backdrops. (For pretty girls who have birthdays soon.) 
The bridal bouquet was made of vintage brooches, including some from Grandma M.
 Just married! And happy about it!
Cousin love at the rehearsal supper.

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  1. Love M.'s photo, the rainbow, the bride... and the new husband who can sew!