Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Initials

Book initials continue to be popular and fun. My friend wanted a Star Wars book for her son (M).  We wanted to preserve as much of the title on the spine as possible. She suggested cutting it on the side, and we both loved it. Might have to try more this way. There are certain letters that might work better than others.

I think my letter designs have been improving. Cutting in curves can be tricky, and straight lines can be plain or boring. I have learned to make gentle curves and pseudo-san-serifs in the design to improve their looks. I am working on a future tutorial.
This J is the most recent one I've cut. After many revisions, I very much like how this one turned out.

Three A's in three variations. The top one experimented again with saving the whole spine of the book because of the title. The second and third ones are basically the same design, but the slants are straight versus curved on the second one. All a matter of taste. I have been working on designs that allow me to cut out center pieces without using a jig saw.

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